"Very profound insights into the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. This film is a treasure!"

"Excellent trailer, thank you so much Premananda!"

"Absolutely divine! Thank you so much for posting it!"

"Hari Aum. Beautifully presented. Thankyou - Namaste"

"This is undoubtedly an important seminal work on the teachings of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. It will prove to be a most useful introduction for those encountering Advaita for the first time as well as a valuable handbook and guide for all those currently engaged in following his teachings, both in the East and the West."
Alan Jacobs, President Ramana Maharshi Foundation, UK

"If you want a modern commentary on Ramana Maharshi’s ‘Nan Yar’ (‘Who am I?’), this is it.
If you want an intelligent re-interpretation of the words, rather than a simple and literal translation, read James Swartz’s crystal-clear explanations of some knotty problems (such as the manonAsha – death of the mind concept).
If you enjoy reading fascinating, previously unpublished anecdotes about Ramana’s life, read David Godman’s personal reminiscences of living in Ramana’s presence and experiencing his frequent ‘human’ side.
And, if you just want a beautiful book, with lots of wonderful, glossy, full-color photographs of Ramana, his disciples, Arunachala and Ramanashramam, Premananda has put together exactly the book for you. His insightful interviewing elicits some marvelous material, both biographical and spiritual. There are also chapters containing the fascinating autobiographies of the three contributors. There is even a pull-out, diagrammatic map, showing the key features around the mountain and a preview DVD of the companion film of Ramana’s life and teaching.
I cannot recommend this superb book too highly if you are at all interested in the teaching of Ramana Maharshi."
Dennis Waite (Author of ‘Back to the Truth’: 5000 Years of Advaita)
"I picked up this book on impulse and couldn't put it down. It is the most readable and informative book I have seen on Ramana Maharshi. It gives you a real insight into what he was like, how he taught, how he lived and it shows all the sides of his life, not just the intellectual. Some of the stories about him are wonderfully funny and insightful. The variety of sections also makes the book very readable. There are interviews, interpretations from various people who lived with him for a long time, discussions about his teachings, stories about him and his devotees. This book is a delight and would make a wonderful present for anyone who has any interest in Ramana Maharshi. It also beautifully presented and lovely to hold in your hands. It's a gem. Worth every penny."
Janet A. Day


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